Martyn Hannah: Investors, engaged


Martyn Hannah, director of content marketing agency, ghostfoundry, discusses the tools entrepreneurs can use to drive awareness among investors of their initial coin offerings

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are taking the business world by storm right now. For a growing number of entrepreneurs and start-ups, they are seen as the platforms and currencies of the future, providing unprecedented security, flexibility, scale and scope. As such, there has been a huge uptick in the number of businesses launching initial coin offerings (ICOs) with no sign of this trend slowing down.

ICOs provide a simple and efficient way for businesses and start-ups to raise capital. In layman’s terms, an ICO is where a company raises funds by launching its own currency, typically in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum. The idea is to attract investors looking to capitalise on the latest cryptocurrency surge – it’s super-hyped right now with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in recent months.


But with so many token sales launching, and so much competition for investor attention, how can entrepreneurs and businesses stand out from the crowd and ensure theirs gets noticed? It comes down to marketing and communication, and devising a strategy that allows you to speak directly to the right people in the right places – engaging potential investors is key to the success of your ICO.

This, of course, is easier said than done. A strategy alone is not enough; you must create high value content that engages your target investor, and provides the information they need to make an informed choice whether to inject their hard earned money into your business or not. That said, there are several content marketing tools that entrepreneurs can deploy.

Here is the arsenal of weapons we use for our clients:




Your website will be the first port of call for most potential investors, so you need to ensure it provides them with all the relevant information regarding your token sale. This information must be clear and concise, and provide a roadmap for your ICO and vision for the business. It is also worth considering the design and layout of your website, ensuring the information is easy to access and digest.


White paper:

Every business going through an ICO should create a white paper that includes information on what your business is, the market you have identified, the cryptocurrency you are launching, how the investment will be used, etc. It’s important not to be overly self-promotional; investors should be able to read the document and gain a clear understanding of your business and the opportunities it presents them.


Press release:

 You need to make potential investors aware your ICO is happening in the first place. Press releases allow you to communicate with key industry publications, and share with them the news of your ICO. Press releases should be short and snappy, and contain only the necessary information. The best method is to write them to the inverted pyramid structure, ensuring the key information is at the top of the release.


Thought leadership articles:

Investors want to know they are putting their money into a business that is on course for success, and is being run by smart and knowledgeable entrepreneurs. Thought leadership articles allow you to share your expertise in your given field (whether it be tech, fashion, logistics, finance, etc), positioning you as an authority on the subject. These articles should then be published in publications read by investors.



 Questions and answers also allow entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience – and news of their upcoming ICO – with investors and industry peers. They can take the form of a written article, a podcast, or a video blast – the latter are also ideal for sharing on social media. Again, it is about raising awareness of your token sale, and proving to investors that you are savvy and smart.


Blog posts:

Blogs are the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. Blogs that are regularly updated with quality posts that offer value to readers are great at driving awareness of your business, as well as your token sale. They can establish you as an authority in your chosen industry, building confidence among consumers and clients, but also investors. In addition, they offer tremendous SEO value if correctly optimised.

Armed with the necessary tools, it is important to put a proper content strategy in place to ensure maximum impact and reach. With the number of token sales taking place riding a steep upward trajectory, it is vital entrepreneurs and businesses create significant noise around their ICO, and create content that builds trust among the investment community.

ICOs present tremendous upsides for businesses and entrepreneurs, but if potential investors are not engaged and informed, the sale will falter. Content, then, is the key to launching and completing a successful ICO.


Martyn Hannah