Alex Hargrove is an executive with six years experience overseeing millions of dollars in product development largely in the legal (estate planning), financial services, and banking sectors. Co-founder, CTO, and Member of the Board at NetLaw, a legal-tech startup that is currently raising money at a $40+ million valuation.

Inventor of record for NetLaw’s patent pending white-label architecture and framework (described below). Well versed in client side languages, including the latest javascript frameworks, such as Vue.js, Knockout.js, and Polymer and server side scripting (Node.JS). Deep semantical knowledge of backend languages like C#,, and python. Deployed code to Azure, AWS, G Cloud, Firebase, and the Google Play and Apple marketplaces. Have shipped multiple mobile apps, all with 4+ star ratings, using various hybrid frameworks like Cordova/Phonegap and Xamarin. Orchestrated massive integrations between various products, third-party apps, and workflow automators.

Alex excels at taking business discussions and turning them into concrete use cases.  He then tailors the use cases to best fit the product architecture and existing functionality to maximize value to end user while minimizing development effort required and with an eye towards the long-term vision for the product. Very effective at communicating complex features and technical decisions to business stakeholders and framing decisions in lay terms to allow for informed decision making and promoting more effective strategies based on a better understanding of the underlying technologies.

Alex will be contributing a regular column to The Cryptocurrency Magazine starting from next week.

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