Sasha Ivanov
Sasha Ivanov

Sasha Ivanov

A physicist by training, Sasha started his career by developing software for electronic payment systems and neural networks helping to forecast financial markets’ performance. Prior to founding Waves in 2016, Sasha founded the first fiat token CoinoUSD and the first exchange index of crypto-currencies In April 2016, he founded the Waves Platform, raising $16 million through an ICO offering.




Nominee’s three achievements

In addition to founding three companies, Sasha has successfully been involved in various electronic currencies projects and trading operations including programming bots for trading on Forex markets. Further still, he created the first fiat-backed crypto token and the first tradeable cryptocurrency index which held $200k under management.

In 2016, Sasha successfully crowdfunded $16m (29,445 BTC) to build Waves – which has since gone on to become one of the fastest open blockchain in the world, and is due to raise capacity further with Waves-NG, a next-generation consensus algorithm.

Further revolutionising the industry, Sasha is now participating in the creation of a new form of blockchain-based voting system via Waves, known as “liquid democracy”. The project is a collaboration between Waves and a number of different organisations and research groups, including the Blockchain Institute, cryptography and cyber-security researchers Bingsheng Zhang and Hong-Sheng Zhou and Ergo; an experimental platform created to test a series of solutions to problems with traditional blockchains.

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