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When it comes to artificial intelligence (A.I.), there is so much we can learn and are still in the beginning stages of learning. To made things even more complicated, let’s throw in blockchain technology. In actuality, these two go hand in hand more than you think. In a previous article I wrote, I discussed how A.I. and blockchain can work seamlessly together. This piece takes it a step further.

SingularityNet, is a full-stack A.I. solution powered by a decentralized protocol that combines the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain—researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs coming together to democratize access to A.I. technology. This provides a universal access to the global network of A.I. algorithms, services, and agents.

The company recently announced its partnership with DeepBrain Chain, the world’s first A.I. computing platform that is completely powered by blockchain technology. The DeepBrain Chain network utilizes blockchain technology to integrate the globally distributed computing resources while providing customized, decentralized and dynamic services based purely on the needs of AI companies.

Recognizing that these computing resources still present hardships for companies, it becomes more imperative to find new ways in which to conserve energy and reduce those costs associated for computing. These high computing costs, especially when it comes to the graphics processing units (GPU), or soul of these computers. GPUs are optimized for taking enormous amounts of data and performing the same operation over and over again. GPUs have become an obstacle towards the development of the A.I. industry. Why? If AI companies want to continue teaching machines, they need large amounts of data which then requires a large amount of computing power. At the end of the day, it’s just not cost-effective. [sociallocker]

DeepBrain Chain recently announced the pre-order of its AI Mining Workstation, which allows for AI companies and users to mine through the workstations, ultimately sharing computing power, data, and models efficiently and securely. This helps to minimize costs for all parties involved.

SingularityNet and DeepBrain Chain Combine Forces

SingularityNet has announced that its joining forces with DeepBrain Chain in efforts to create a framework, allowing for the sharing of data and processing between the two decentralized platforms. By combining the two marketplaces and expanding the amount of resources and computing power, users will be able to access data and intelligent processing on either platform, via back-end interactions between the platforms.

“The key here is to foster the expansion and growth of AI in a more decentralized manner,” explained Dr. Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET CEO. “Society is concerned about a potential future in which the centralization of data and AI processing places huge power in the hands of a few large tech firms. Our goal is to bring about a decentralized AI ecosystem, in which AI services offered by multiple projects interoperate together in a decentralized manner –resulting in general intelligence that is both powerful and participatory.”

“Data is one of the most important keys to creating infallible AI models, and the combining of the DeepBrain Chain and SingularityNET marketplaces is an important step in creating a large decentralized platform of tools for users to access,” added He Yong, CEO of DeepBrain Chain.

As if this collaboration isn’t exciting enough, the two companies have also agreed to begin conversations with universities around the world, hoping to share their vision and work with the next generation of A.I. developers and computer scientists. Seoul National University was the most recent university to jump on board, focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research and development.

Through DeepBrain Chain, AI companies, like SingularityNet, can reach more customers, reduce the cost of data, computing power, and models, while receiving more benefits by providing services. [/sociallocker]

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