Antigua & Barbuda is poised to make history when the highly anticipated Abundance Coin makes its imminent entrance into the burgeoning world cryptocurrency market.

The Abundance Coin (TAC), with its own exchange platform, is set to be the newest entrant into a leading economic growth sector. A digital currency one-stop ecosystem based on the Ethereum Blockchain TechnologySmart Contracts”, The Abundance Coin provides token holders with a diversified digital and global financial service network for their daily life transactions.

The rapidly growing international cryptocurrency sector today boasts a cumulative market capitalization of over USD237 billion, up from USD129 billion in 2018 and steadily rising. This rapid growth is driven by a powerful and increasing appetite among consumers for alternative means of payments that interface smoothly with the internet, and facilitate web-based transactions.

The trail blazed by Bitcoin, the pioneer of Blockchain Technology, is now experiencing increasingly heavy traffic as more entrants surge into the expanding Blockchain Ecosystem to the advantage of consumers, business, and governments alike. In emphatic proof of the extent to which cryptocurrency is now viewed as a generally accepted form of payment, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin) has officially defined cryptocurrency as a legal financial instrument.

This action by Germany provides beneficial regulatory clarity, making it easier to spend cryptocurrency and facilitating payments to businesses operating in the electronic environment. It is fully expected that more financial jurisdictions will shortly follow this lead – and indeed in the past week France, India, and South Korea have all come into line with the direction taken by BaFin.

Registered as a Company in Antigua & Barbuda, The Abundance Coin is a history-making First for the OECS, where the ECCB is contemplating the launch of its own cryptocurrency. The BVI have already made their move, and the Bahamas Sand Dollar is making waves internationally. Now TAC enters the field, with a mission to bind Africa and the Caribbean together economically. The developers of The Abundance Coin have identified the potential for major social and development changes among the most impoverished communities on the planet, and have created TAC to help address these very visible levels of inequality.

The Abundance Coin Ecosystem unlocks the potential of Africa, the world’s largest emerging economy, through the creation of a trusted cryptocurrency with a vision to innovate and stimulate revenue-generating opportunities that support and empower youth entrepreneurship, economic stability, and growth across Africa and the world, benefiting from economic synergies between the African Diaspora and the Mother Continent.

TAC is a community-based coin with a strong global presence even in the incubation period of development. The founding members hail from across continents and all have prepaid for their coins – such is their level of conviction knowing that The Abundance Coin will become “THE ALTERNATE GLOBAL FINANCIAL SOLUTION” in the era of cryptocurrency.

The broader mission of The Abundance Coin is to partner with NGOs and Civil Society Groups to work with National Governments to pursue initiatives that foster and solidify bonds between the Continent of Africa and the African Diaspora in the Caribbean and the Americas. The funding generated through multiple rounds of TAC Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) will be utilized for great causes and for charitable purposes. Once the Soft Capital target is reached a certain percentage of funds raised through TAC IEO Offerings will be allocated to special projects:

  • The Afro-Caribbean International Gospel, Cultural & Trade Festival
  • The Afro-Caribbean Cup of Nations
  • TAC Africa Roll-back Malaria program

The Afro-Caribbean International Gospel, Cultural & Trade festival will be held in Africa in 2021-22, while the Afro-Caribbean Cup of Nations is scheduled for the Caribbean in 2022-23. The Abundance Coin will provide IEO-raised funds to health organizations in Africa, empowering them to partner with humanitarian organizations to fight malaria.

A bright new day is dawning for the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency – and The Abundance Coin is primed to lead the way for Africa and the Diaspora. To access this timely opportunity now available to everyone in the world, interested parties are urged to log on to and become part of the unfolding future.

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