Aspiring blockchain developers from around the world will come together to apply cutting-edge blockchain technologies and develop innovative solutions that drive social good in a three-day hackathon. 
The international Monash Blockchain Hackathon is a joint initiative between the Blockchain Technology Centre in the Faculty of Information Technology (IT) at Monash University and the Algorand Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that has a vision of a borderless, frictionless economy built on public, decentralised blockchain technology. 

The hackathon is open to everyone and anyone, from IT professionals to university and high school students. Across the three-day hackathon, participants will have the opportunity to ideate, build and deliver a blockchain-driven solution that addresses a societal challenge to be judged by world-leading IT experts. 
Algorand, the world’s first open-source, permissionless, green blockchain will be contributing $6,000 AUD worth of ALGO cryptocurrency and certification as part of the hackathon prize pool. The hackathon is free to register and will run from 9–11 July. 

Director of the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre, Professor Joseph Liu, will be among the experts on the judging panel and explains what he’ll be looking for throughout the competition. 
“We want to see participants apply their interests and knowledge in blockchain technology to address a global need that can really make a difference in the world. Blockchain technology has so many applications and we want this hackathon to demonstrate how this technology can be a driving force for social good,” said Professor Liu. 
The hackathon themes will include education, digital health, building and energy. Blockchain technology has the capacity to make health information exchanges more secure, create digital transcripts and certification records, or it can be applied to real-time energy consumption systems and smart metering data. The innovation potential of blockchain technology is endless. 

“The hackathon will foster innovation by encouraging participants to further their skills, learn from one another, network with industry leaders and push the boundaries of what cutting-edge blockchain technology can do”, said Jason Lee, COO for the Algorand Foundation, who will also be a judge as part of the hackathon.  
The Algorand Foundation, in partnership with Algorand Inc, has built the Algorand blockchain protocol as the cornerstone of achieving this vision. The Foundation envisions a wide breadth of applications being built on this protocol by a new, wider community of mainstream developers. The Foundation is committed to facilitating this innovation in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner by utilising the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.

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