Feedback about Hacken’s penetration test services 






Good day, readers!  Today we will write a short review about our cooperation with the company Hacken, which provided us with its service of android app pentesting. Looking ahead, we want to say that we wish we had used pentest earlier, but as they say, we should learn from our mistakes. So, let’s get started!

Who are we, and why do we need pentesting? 

Last year, we (a team of I.T. specialists) decided to create a convenient application for Android phones, where our customers could store data about vaccinations, passports, and other documentation of their pets. You have to agree that it is inconvenient to lug around a pile of documents all the time, so our app started to become very popular. People used the app regularly and stored documents in our app. But a couple of months ago, hackers attacked our app and stole our customers’ data. It took us a couple of months to regain control of the app and recover our loyal customers’ data. A lot of money and time was spent, but all of this could have been avoided if we had known about pentesting, which would have prevented this.

How did Hacken help us?

Once we recovered all the data, we immediately decided to spend more time and money on the security issues of our application, to understand what weaknesses there were and how to fix them. That’s why the pentesting was invented – to identify all the vulnerabilities and help to fight them. Hacken (  did a perfect job, they analyzed our systems and the entire application. We found many flaws that could have led to disaster in the future. The key factor for us was the safety of our data, as well as the confidentiality of our clients’ documents. Hacken specialists assured us that no data leakage would occur. Now we are constantly checking our system for bugs and vulnerabilities. Now we are constantly checking our system for bugs and vulnerabilities.