There is a wide range of professional athletes who have ventured into cryptocurrencies in one way or another, from world football star Lionel Messi to boxer Floyd Mayweather. We recently saw athletes being paid in bitcoin and some sports clubs investing in cryptocurrencies. No one knows where cryptocurrencies will go over time, but seeing if more sports stars start getting involved will be interesting. The most optimistic cryptocurrency players see this as just the beginning of a slew of blockchain-related opportunities in sports.

As you can see, there are several big names in sports that support the entire cryptocurrency industry. With a lot of money and time to learn what cryptocurrency is, many professional sports stars have started investing here or showing their support for digital currency. Sports crypto-economics now goes beyond NFTs: NBA teams like the Dallas Mavericks accept certain digital currencies as payment; Oakland Athletics just sold a couple of tickets for 100 dogecoins.

We have also seen bitcoin sports betting come to the fore, with many earning money from betting on their favourite teams and games. Sports betting may be a new industry as more and more states legalise the business, but its growing popularity and cryptocurrency are part of an increasing trend. By collaborating with some of the biggest brands in sports, the crypto industry is betting that its appeal to mainstream audiences will continue to grow.

Sports as an industry has recognised the potential that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can offer to monetise fan engagement further, attract sponsors, and participate in global markets in unimaginable ways just a few decades ago. Teams, clubs and sports organisations are innovating to survive in the new digital age and meet fan expectations. The rise of cryptocurrencies opens up opportunities and excitement for the world of sports. First, many cryptocurrency companies are quick to distance themselves from any comparison to sports gambling, trying to distinguish between investing and betting.

In addition to athletes who partner with cryptocurrency exchanges, many players have promoted certain coins or publicly talked about their investment strategies in many areas. Others enter into support and sponsorship agreements, some directly with cryptocurrency exchanges, and pay for it in cryptocurrencies. Several other professional athletes have also announced partnerships with cryptocurrency trading apps. The cryptocurrency market also has several sports enthusiasts investing in bitcoin.

NBA players have spoken openly about their interest in cryptocurrencies on social media. The fact that NFL players discuss investing with each other is that the world of these high-paid players has changed dramatically. Investments and sponsorship deals are part of the business that cannot be asked or told. Those who come early and advertise the currency (like Matt Damon and Tom Brady) will make money.

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