The English Premier League (EPL) has filed for two crypto-and-NFT trademarks in the U.S., which is an indication that the most-watched sports league in the world is getting ready to extend its branding to the digital space. The English Premier League (EPL), one of the world’s most-watched sports leagues, is the latest entity to take its forays into the metaverse, filing two applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The English Premier League (EPL), one of the most-watched sports leagues worldwide, has filed two U.S. patents on cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The top football league has filed multiple trademarks around cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

While nobody is able to tell for sure exactly how Premier League will be using two trademarks related to the metaverse, there is a good chance that the football league will make use of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency, digital tokens, digital collectables such as trading cards, as well as virtual goods and apparel, all of which are associated with the metaverse. While the concepts of NFTs and the metaverse are relatively new, there has been an ongoing rise in units applying for trademark protection.

In April, David Beckham filed three trademark applications related to the Metaverse and NFT. After filing the two trademarks with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office the week before, licensed trademark lawyer Michael Condoudis made the first of these trademark applications available for the public to see, via Twitter, on June 6. Michael Kondoudis, licensed trademark attorney, announced two new cryptocurrency trademarks and some details on them.

These applications are a logical step in protecting brands in the modern economy that includes virtual and crypto elements. Among goods and services included under two trademarks are virtual goods, apparel, and accessories, cryptocurrency, and media files which were certified with the NFT. The files also have digital tokens and collectables licenses, digital artwork, digital assets trading, exchange services, virtual clothing, and marketplaces for hosting those digital assets online. They also cover English Premier League marks on any virtual, augmented or mixed reality. The trademark files also cover virtual apparel, footwear, and sporting equipment.

The application includes the name of the league and a logo of the lion’s head, along with a symbol of a loving cup trophy. One trademark application covers the use of England’s highest-level association football symbol, and another covers its much-coveted award. The league will also be applying for two cryptocurrency and NFT trademarks for their Virtual Sportswear, NFTs, an online NFT market, a Metaverse, and other cryptocurrency services. England’s top soccer association is now seeking the exclusive use of these associated items to exchange cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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