Heidi Yu: Why DApps Are the Best Option For Social Media Influencers and Developers

Decentralized applications, referred to as dApps, are emerging as an appealing alternative to traditional social media platforms for developers and influencers alike. A dApp is an application that runs on a network of nodes (computers) that are powered by a decentralized blockchain database, instead of by a conventional central database. For developers, dApps offer many […]

Alex Phenom: Features of Solidity programming language

Solidity is the programming language used to create smart contracts within the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a programming language that was designed to be easily picked up by those who are familiar with other languages. It has many similarities to the likes of Python or C, for example. Programming concepts that exist in other languages such […]

Manju Mohan : The Challenges of Building Blockchain-Based Applications

Blockchain’s endless utility has allowed the technology to reach into industries far and wide. With new ICOs (initial coin offerings) springing up every day, blockchain-based applications are always in demand, as many companies require these applications to navigate and administer their blockchain products. DApps (decentralized applications) are an example of commonly used blockchain-based applications. Programming […]

Why (despite the headlines) it’s not too late to invest in Cryptocurrencies

By Daniel Wolfe, CEO of Tradingene and listed by The CryptoCurrency Magazine as one of the world’s Top 10 Cryptocurrency Experts Extreme volatility has been a longstanding characteristic of Bitcoin. During 2017’s dramatic increase in the value of BTC, for example, BTC’s price fell over thirty percent five times! To see the recent downturn as […]

Armand Doru Domuta: How blockchain can create a sustainable future for the energy market

Why should we choose blockchain? Blockchain stands out from other technologies because it offers us the trust we need to record data of importance, as well as eliminate any worries regarding possible fraud or deception that might occur thanks to its decentralized nature. Technological improvement continues to prosper, and although the energy sector might be […]

Bossing the coin

A team of entrepreneurs is shaking up the world of cryptocurrencies by launching a simple trading platform – so everyone can get a piece of the action. Elepig is designed to be a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to buy and sell digital coins with even a modest investment and limited knowledge. Bitcoin is the […]

Millennial Attorney Andrew Rossow joins the team at The Cryptocurrency Magazine

 Andrew is an Internet Attorney, Author, Adjunct Law Professor, and Media Consultant for ABC, FOX, and NBC in Dayton, Ohio. As a millennial, he is able to provide a unique perspective on new, emerging technologies, social media crimes, privacy implications, and digital currencies. He has traveled to over 12 countries, including Brazil, Ghana, South Africa, […]

Crouching Bitcoin, Hidden Token – Blockchain in China

After eight years of organic growth, community development, and mostly word of mouth advertisement, Bitcoin exploded into the public sector and upward in its demand and price. At first, governments were unaware of this new international grassroots currency. From underground tech meetups to now mainstream media, the subject of cryptocurrency is unavoidable. Some governments have […]

Julian Zegelman joins The Cryptocurrency Magazine

Julian Zegelman, is an experienced corporate lawyer, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is a Managing Partner at Velton Zegelman PC, a boutique corporate and securities law firm focussing on corporate law, securities, venture capital and cryptocurrency law. He is currently acting as the company’s counsel in numerous high profile global token sales. Julian is […]