The Cryptocurrency Magazine Showcase: The World’s Top Ten Cryptocurrency Experts

The Cryptocurrency Magazine is proud to announce our definitive list spotlighting the leading experts and influencers in the cryptocurrency space to learn from. Our showcase, The World’s Top Ten Cryptocurrency Experts,  identifies  individuals prominent in the burgeoning crypto sector, including ICO consultants, analysts,  lawyers, investors,  informed influencers in the blockchain industry as well as the […]

Omar Rahim: Making crypto a spendable and accessible reality

Despite cryptocurrency’s name and its soar in value over the past year, it is still hotly debated whether it truly counts as ‘real money’. The most famous cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – have caused a buzz in the financial world, with leading financial figures often clashing publicly as to what they should be classed […]

The ICO – Crypto’s First Killer App

If Bitcoin was the beginning of the blockchain, then the ICO is the first killer app. The emergence of Ethereum as the second most capitalized cryptocurrency is firmly based upon its use as the platform for crowdfunding ICOs. There is much to like in the explosion of ICOs, but there is an equal amount to […]

The Crypto Comeback

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a recent resurgence over the past week with approximately $30 Billion USD flowing back into the market. The market capitalisation of the entire cryptocurrency market is now sitting firmly above the $300 Billion level and whilst there may still be some further downward pressure to come, many pundits are claiming […]

Alex Cowan joins the team at The Cryptocurrency Magazine

Alex is a writer and analyst at CryptoinMinutes, a dedicated cryptocurrency news publication and information portal, providing quality market commentary and in-depth technical and fundamental analysis. The team consists of analysts and market commentators who aim to explore and unravel the complexities of the cryptocurrency market, making it accessible for all. Alex will be writing a […]

Where do we fly?

Yet another look at the crypto-currency evolution scenario. Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have been shocking the public throughout 2017 with their firm and progressive pump. With the onset of 2018, the general growth surprise was replaced by their surprising fall. At the beginning, everyone was waiting for the end of Chinese New Year holidays, then […]

Julius B. Kuznetsov joins the team at The Cryptocurrency Magazine

Julius B. Kuznetsov is a Founder and Managing Director of FINSTICK Innovations LLC (, a startup aimed for advanced developments in the emerging fintech and blockchain industry. Incorporated in 2017, FINSTICK Innovations is backed by highly motivated professionals in cryptography, mobile payments, smart-cards, telecommunications and value-added services. With our average 20+ years of field experience […]

Ron William on Digital Assets: Stage One of the New Paradigm Cycle

Digital assets, popularly known as ‘Cryptocurrency’, are resuming their price correction after triggering a peak in December 2017. The event time-stamped a critical turning point away from the mania-fuelled linear trends of several thousand percentile, while also marking a late-stage economic cycle of speculation. Amplified by a historic environment of low volatility and low interest […]

Can you write a chapter about cryptocurrency ?

The Cryptocurrency Magazine is producing a ground breaking book exploring the importance and benefits of cryptocurrency.  The book,  The New Economy,  explains what cryptocurrencies are,  their benefits over the older forms of currency and credit cards,  how cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Darkcoin fundamentally change the way we use and interact with money.  The […]