Why the media is afraid of Bitcoin

Firstly, negative news is more attention-grabbing than good news. Panic mongering among those who have not put in the effort to understand new technologies is not exclusive to the Bitcoin industry alone. Many who could not understand the democratic nature of the Internet suspected web based services like ecommerce and news broadcasting were the signs […]

How are new Bitcoins released?

Bitcoin has no government or central bank introducing new currency into the economy. Unlike paper notes or coins, Bitcoin cannot be brought into existence physically, outside the network. Nor does the system have branches or agencies either at the sender’s or the recipient’s end to check if the Bitcoin is genuine and the transaction is […]

Cryptocurrency and the New Traits of Money

The invention of the block chain has given rise to a new specie of currency, that of cryptocurrency. The arrival of cryptographic-based currencies has enabled key new traits previously not possible with traditional forms of money. Furthermore, the realization of such traits will likely have a dramatic impact on the environment in which these currencies […]

A brief history of cryptocurrency

It is so happening with a multitude of people across the globe that yesterday their entire understanding of currency revolved around the piece of paper that they held in their hands, and today they are dazzled by the phenomenal idea of storing value digitally in something called a cryptocurrency. It is fairly acceptable to feel […]