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A Detailed Guide to Prime XBT Exchange

Cryptocurrencies gain popularity every year, which means the demand for reputable trading platforms is always increasing. Some platforms are popular while others fail. PrimeXBT is a very popular cryptocurrency platform, which is well worth taking a look at in more detail.   PrimeXBT Overview   PrimeXBT Exchange, belonging to PrimeXBT Services, was set up in 2018 and is headquartered...
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Goldman Sachs plans to join in with the Cryptocurrency game

As various financial institutions have begun to provide crypto-related services to their customers, cryptocurrencies have finally been recognised by some of the biggest firms in the banking industry. For example, according to reports, investment giant Goldman Sachs are considering issuing its own digital currency. According to, Goldman Sachs plans to issue its own cryptocurrency after...
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Katharine Wooller, managing director UK and Eire, Dacxi Bitcoin has now been in existence more than ten years, and has survived the doubters, the scammers, the hackers, and government attempts to quash it.  To overstate this amazing “survive and thrive feat” as well as the innovation it represents would be difficult.  Bitcoin has exceeded expectations, and...
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Ed Ludbrook, CEO, Dacxi The crypto world has waited with baited-breath for the launching of the new Crypto-Yuan by the Chinese Government and a crew of the largest Chinese financial institutions. This is a game-changer. A catalyst for disruption of the global financial system that has already shaken, normally unshakeable, central bankers into action. Or at...
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Antigua & Barbuda is poised to make history when the highly anticipated Abundance Coin makes its imminent entrance into the burgeoning world cryptocurrency market. The Abundance Coin (TAC), with its own exchange platform, is set to be the newest entrant into a leading economic growth sector. A digital currency one-stop ecosystem based on the Ethereum Blockchain...
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From “Locked Up” to being under coronavirus lockdown: Grammy-Nominated Artist Akon to feature at online crypto conference BlockDown 

The concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic has seen the closure of many businesses, the cancelling of events worldwide and a country put on lockdown. Because of this, Tech PR Agency EAK Digital have set up a virtual crypto conference, aptly titled BlockDown 2020, with global multi-platinum selling artist Akon as the headline speaker. From “Locked Up”...
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Baanx partners with HooYu to strengthen KYC processes

HooYu KYC digital journey implemented for AML compliance and to ensure maximum onboarding success   London – March 18th. Leading customer onboarding and KYC technology firm, HooYu, has been deployed by mobile crypto and fiat specialist Baanx. The HooYu Identify KYC journey has been selected to provide identity verification for the onboarding of new customers. Baanx is...
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John Mandeville: How blockchain technology can revolutionise gaming

Gaming and blockchain are rarely said together in the same breath. There is obvious synergy given the potential role of digital currencies, but the opportunities for gaming developers are broad and compelling. We created a company, Blockchain Studios, precisely because we thought the application of blockchain technologies would unleash fresh creativity and ideas in gaming. There are five compelling reasons why the gaming industry should follow suit.  Read More.

For many years, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remained a fringe movement, generally unknown to those outside the immediate community. In 2010, a year after its invention, one bitcoin was never worth more than $0.50, but the unprecedented attention that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have received in the last two years has led to sharp price spikes, forcing ordinary consumers, businesses and institutions across a wide range of industries to sit up and take notice.  Read More.

Decentralized applications, referred to as dApps, are emerging as an appealing alternative to traditional social media platforms for developers and influencers alike. A dApp is an application that runs on a network of nodes (computers) that are powered by a decentralized blockchain database, instead of by a conventional central database.  Read More.

Solidity is the programming language used to create smart contracts within the Ethereum blockchain.It’s a programming language that was designed to be easily picked up by those who are familiar with other languages. It has many similarities to the likes of Python or C, for example. Programming concepts that exist in other languages such as variables, functions, classes, and arithmetic operations, all exist here too. However, at present, there would appear to be a shortage of programmers who are highly familiar with Solidity, and how to use it.  Read More.


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