Are blockchain and platform economy network effects the same?

Network effects are the phenomenon where the value of a product or asset rises exponentially with the growth of its user base. The value of network effects is clear on social media platforms. The more people that use Facebook, for example, the more valuable the platform. Facebook’s scaling strategy played into this – they built […]

Clear Factor, the decentralised global invoice finance ecosystem designed for SME’s

Ricky Shankar, Chairman of Clear Factor describes why the financial crisis shaped the invoice financing industry and how smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and blockchain will play their part in the alternative financial sector over the coming years.   How was inter-bank lending affected by the 2008 financial crisis? In the aftermath of the financial crisis of September […]

Will the real Celebrity Crypto please stand up?

Oliver Woodhouse, from Capital Law, looks at some of the reasons behind the rise of celebrity cryptocurrencies and what benefits it offers to celebrities, athletes and fans, as well as discussing potential drawbacks. By launching the world’s ‘first celebrity cryptocurrency’ and allowing fans to buy his merchandise with ‘Pac’ tokens, it looks like Manny Pacquiao […]

John Mandeville: How blockchain technology can revolutionise gaming

Gaming and blockchain are rarely said together in the same breath. There is obvious synergy given the potential role of digital currencies, but the opportunities for gaming developers are broad and compelling. We created a company, Blockchain Studios, precisely because we thought the application of blockchain technologies would unleash fresh creativity and ideas in gaming. […]

Alex Phenom: Features of Solidity programming language

Solidity is the programming language used to create smart contracts within the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a programming language that was designed to be easily picked up by those who are familiar with other languages. It has many similarities to the likes of Python or C, for example. Programming concepts that exist in other languages such […]

Manju Mohan : The Challenges of Building Blockchain-Based Applications

Blockchain’s endless utility has allowed the technology to reach into industries far and wide. With new ICOs (initial coin offerings) springing up every day, blockchain-based applications are always in demand, as many companies require these applications to navigate and administer their blockchain products. DApps (decentralized applications) are an example of commonly used blockchain-based applications. Programming […]

Why (despite the headlines) it’s not too late to invest in Cryptocurrencies

By Daniel Wolfe, CEO of Tradingene and listed by The CryptoCurrency Magazine as one of the world’s Top 10 Cryptocurrency Experts Extreme volatility has been a longstanding characteristic of Bitcoin. During 2017’s dramatic increase in the value of BTC, for example, BTC’s price fell over thirty percent five times! To see the recent downturn as […]

Armand Doru Domuta: How blockchain can create a sustainable future for the energy market

Why should we choose blockchain? Blockchain stands out from other technologies because it offers us the trust we need to record data of importance, as well as eliminate any worries regarding possible fraud or deception that might occur thanks to its decentralized nature. Technological improvement continues to prosper, and although the energy sector might be […]

The VC Experts changing the face of fintech by harnessing blockchain

The Blockchain revolution is upon us. Meet German Kaplun, Artyom Inyutin, Julian Zegelman and Igor Shoifot. They have created TMT Blockchain Fund. One of the most successful tech focussed venture capital firms in the world has made a move in to the decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency space. TMT Investments, a phenomenally successful venture capital fund […]