Cryptocurrency crime accounted for more than $4 billion in 2019. Syedur Rahman of financial crime solicitors Rahman Ravelli finds very small grounds for optimism – but many more causes for concern – regarding the rise of such crime. The figure that grabbed the headlines was that the total cost of crimes involving cryptocurrency hit $4.3 […]

Brands under threat in the cryptocurrency app ecosystem

With cryptocurrencies now a well-established fact within our online societies, organisations must now navigate the new threat landscape these currencies bring. The world of cryptocurrencies is already expansive and always growing – new currencies perpetually rise and fall, while the ways to use and access them are forever changing. However, one particular area in which […]

Jack Darbyshire: Introducing Facebook’s Own ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency — But What Is It, and Is It Safe To Invest In?

Sometime this year, the social media giant Facebook will launch its own cryptocurrency, named ‘Libra’. Facebook is not without its backings. In fact, the ‘Libra Association’ as it is known, has the public support of Calibra (a subsidiary group of Facebook), Visa, MasterCard, Lyft, Uber, the Vodaphone Group, and PayPal. This is to say nothing […]

Can you write a regular column about cryptocurrency?

The Cryptocurrency Magazine is looking for contributors to write one-off articles or regular columns.  The Cryptocurrency Magazine is the net’s fastest growing title focused on the new economy with in-depth features covering developments in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies all over the world.  We’re looking for contributors that can provide well written, insightful and interesting columns […]

Will the real Celebrity Crypto please stand up?

Oliver Woodhouse, from Capital Law, looks at some of the reasons behind the rise of celebrity cryptocurrencies and what benefits it offers to celebrities, athletes and fans, as well as discussing potential drawbacks. By launching the world’s ‘first celebrity cryptocurrency’ and allowing fans to buy his merchandise with ‘Pac’ tokens, it looks like Manny Pacquiao […]

John Mandeville: How blockchain technology can revolutionise gaming

Gaming and blockchain are rarely said together in the same breath. There is obvious synergy given the potential role of digital currencies, but the opportunities for gaming developers are broad and compelling. We created a company, Blockchain Studios, precisely because we thought the application of blockchain technologies would unleash fresh creativity and ideas in gaming. […]