Betting and cryptocurrency have a unique relationship

With the rapid improvement in technology which we have seen in the last decade or so, there has also been a commensurate increase in the kind of services that we now have available to us at the click of a button or the tap of a screen. Online sports betting is one of these, which […]


Ed Ludbrook, CEO, Dacxi The crypto world has waited with baited-breath for the launching of the new Crypto-Yuan by the Chinese Government and a crew of the largest Chinese financial institutions. This is a game-changer. A catalyst for disruption of the global financial system that has already shaken, normally unshakeable, central bankers into action. Or […]


In the past weeks, a buzz in the global financial markets has been the announcements by central bankers over Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC]. The International Bank of Settlement’s recent survey of 68 central banks reported that 80% were researching or piloting CBDC projects. When central bankers talk of CBDC, they are really talking about […]

Jack Darbyshire: Introducing Facebook’s Own ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency — But What Is It, and Is It Safe To Invest In?

Sometime this year, the social media giant Facebook will launch its own cryptocurrency, named ‘Libra’. Facebook is not without its backings. In fact, the ‘Libra Association’ as it is known, has the public support of Calibra (a subsidiary group of Facebook), Visa, MasterCard, Lyft, Uber, the Vodaphone Group, and PayPal. This is to say nothing […]

Heidi Yu: Why DApps Are the Best Option For Social Media Influencers and Developers

Decentralized applications, referred to as dApps, are emerging as an appealing alternative to traditional social media platforms for developers and influencers alike. A dApp is an application that runs on a network of nodes (computers) that are powered by a decentralized blockchain database, instead of by a conventional central database. For developers, dApps offer many […]

Omar Rahim: Making crypto a spendable and accessible reality

Despite cryptocurrency’s name and its soar in value over the past year, it is still hotly debated whether it truly counts as ‘real money’. The most famous cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin – have caused a buzz in the financial world, with leading financial figures often clashing publicly as to what they should be classed […]

NetLaw Co-founder, CTO and Board Member Alex Hargrove is new columnist at The Cryptocurrency Magazine

Alex Hargrove is an executive with six years experience overseeing millions of dollars in product development largely in the legal (estate planning), financial services, and banking sectors. Co-founder, CTO, and Member of the Board at NetLaw, a legal-tech startup that is currently raising money at a $40+ million valuation. Inventor of record for NetLaw’s […]