Bossing the coin

A team of entrepreneurs is shaking up the world of cryptocurrencies by launching a simple trading platform – so everyone can get a piece of the action. Elepig is designed to be a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to buy and sell digital coins with even a modest investment and limited knowledge. Bitcoin is the […]

Considering Betting on Crypto Currencies?

Considering Betting on Crypto Currencies? you’d better have white knuckles! Alex Hargrove, J.D. You better have white knuckles, is my advice. And if you’re married or otherwise share financial resources with your partner, he or she better have the same, I know this all too well. Married, three children, and an ambitious and career driven […]

Martyn Hannah: Investors, engaged

Martyn Hannah, director of content marketing agency, ghostfoundry, discusses the tools entrepreneurs can use to drive awareness among investors of their initial coin offerings Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are taking the business world by storm right now. For a growing number of entrepreneurs and start-ups, they are seen as the platforms and currencies of the future, […]