Sportzchain, India’s first blockchain-based fan-engagement platform, is preparing to offer India’s first phygital asset—a perfect unification of a rare physical object linked with a digital counterpart (tradable NFTs).

This very uncommon phygital NFT is a framed match day memento commemorating Tamil Thalaivas captain and star defender Surjeet Singh’s remarkable feat — a Kabaddi League record 300 tackle points.

This unrivalled phygital asset will be offered on Sportzchain’s one-of-a-kind NFT-page hosted on NgageN beginning May 10, 2022.

Only holders of unique, gold and silver NFT cards from Tamil Thalaivas’ prior digital NFTs will be able to purchase this NFT.

This unrivalled physical item is sports memorabilia from well-known athletes. It represents the ultimate success of a highly regarded cover defender and Tamil Thalaivas captain Surjeet Singh, who has joined the exclusive club of 300 career tackle points.

True Kabaddi enthusiasts will never forget this moment. A framed autographed match day jersey with blockchain-powered ownership confirmation will be the memento.

Sportzchain will also provide extra prizes to collectors as part of the phygital launch.

These incentives will include player meet and greet matchday tickets as well as early access to Tamil Thalaivas fan tokens.

Furthermore, the Sportzchain crew will hand-deliver this exceptional phygital NFT and document the event with a true-blue Tamil Thalaiva fan.

Vinayak Yannam, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer for Sportzchain said,

“Taking a step beyond digital NFTs, we are launching a first-ever phygital sports NFT in India. This is a landmark feat in the Indian sporting industry.

“This rare phygital asset symbolizes history being created by a highly-acclaimed Kabaddi defender Surjeet Singh, the captain of the Tamil Thalaivas Kabaddi Team. This rare phygital asset not only has the value in the collectors market but very soon on the metaverse space as well”

He further added, “I am pleased to share that our unique, gold and silver digital NFTs of Tamil Thalaivas launched in March earlier this year are completely sold out. The wave of blockchain-based sports tokens, digital and phygital NFTs, and the metaverse is taking the Indian market by storm. And, we strive to become a leader in this space.”

Surjeet Singh said, ” This is a first for me and first for the sport of kabaddi, previously we had no way to commemorate these individual achievements of ours, especially in such a unique way. I am glad that a Tamil Thalaiva fan will be able to own this piece of history and I look forward to meeting the owner of this one of a kind memorabilia”.

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